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Total Wireless Customer Name * First Last Total Wireless Phone Number * ### - ### - #### Email * Top Up Payment * $25.00 Unlimited Talk, Text and Web (1 GB 4G LTE) $35.00 Unlimited Talk, Text and 5 GB of Data $60.00 Unlimited Talk, Text and 15 GB of Data (2 Lines) $85.00 Unlimited Talk, Text and 20 GB of Data (3 Lines) $100.00 Unlimited Talk, Text and 25 GB of Data (4 Lines) Payment Type * One Time Payment Setup Automated Bill Payment for this Account Submit Step 1 determine the best access number What value-added features are available on my Total Wireless Totalwireless account? Each retailer offers prices based on factors beyond Total Wireless Totalwireless's control att What happens when I reach my data allowance on my Wireless Broadband Plan? Can I change my plan during the plan period? To ReUp or update your rate plan, visit My Account Tags: Pinless, PIN, ReUp, Add Value, MyAccount, Minutes, Add Minutes Yes, your account will be deactivated if your bill is not paid within 90 days of being suspended To reset your voicemail: Alternatively, on your computer, visit Can I make a 3-way call to a domestic and an international number? Is the phone on our approved list? You can verify that here Yes, your unused International Long Distance credit will roll over to the next billing period; and will remain on your account even if your account goes into Suspended state due to late Totalwireless of your monthly rate plan charge You can also text "Info" to 848484 Can I use my own phone with Total Wireless Totalwireless's service? Calls to select landline cities and wireless destinations in over 50 countries are included in the Unlimited ILD plan including cell destinations in Canada, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore! For a full list of countries and destinations, visit myTotal Wireless Totalwirelessmobile I have a mobile number I received as part of a bundled package Tags: Voicemail, Reset Tags: 3G, GSM, Network, Service How do I reset my Voice Mail? Can I send international text messages on my Total Wireless Totalwireless rate plan? We offer two plans (primarily used for Tablets), a $25 and $45 plan offering 750MB and 2 Are Total Wireless Totalwireless Phones hearing aid compatible? If you ordered a SIM Card and Airtime, you will find your PIN number printed on your reciept Apple iPhone: http://www It will show up as a removable drive Step 5 enter the number you're trying to connect to, no need to press send com/ildterms By calling our toll-free number at 877 At this time, if you wish to purchase Pay-As-You-Go International Long Distance Credit, you will need to do so in My Account Total Wireless Totalwireless updates prices on the phone store every 24 hours On your device, go to Email Settings (log into your BIS account if it is requested) then press your BlackBerry menu button and select "Service Books" from the menu Yes, but it may depend on restrictions imposed by your current carrier How do I manage my BlackBerry BIS account? Tags: Porting, My number If the balance remains at $0 for more than 90 days, the mobile number will be deactivated and the customer will lose their mobile number If you plan to access the Internet extensively on your phone, 3G is a great choice for you Tags: International Long Distance, $5 ILD Credit, Recurring Credit, ILD NOTE: You will be required to type your mobile number net You can also choose from one of our various approved Data Sticks You are welcome to use your BlackBerry with our service What type of email accounts are supported? How do I install third party software? View Compatible Phones Every new SIM activation and $50 Plan ReUP includes a $5 International Long Distance credit Check the approved list here What happens if I need to call more than 10 unique numbers on the Unlimited ILD plan? Here are the major ones: Is International Calling available on my Total Wireless Totalwireless rate plan? If your phone supports HSPA+ 4G over 1700Mhz, you will be able to access our 4G network speeds How do I get it back? However, if it is not on our supported list, you will not have the full BlackBerry BIS experience For example: username@myTotal Wireless Totalwirelessmobile Total Wireless Totalwireless does not offer WiFi calling as a feature How do I get Unlimited ILD? Plug cable into computer For instance H20's international long distance rate to Guatemala is 34? per minute (12/16/2011), whereas Total Wireless Totalwireless's rate is only 9? per minuteā€¦ That's a 74% savings per minute! Another way to look at that is the same $5 ILD credit will get you 74% more talk time! Yes! Total Wireless Totalwireless now offers full BlackBerry BIS services for many popular devices of the last few years After your Wireless Broadband Plan expires, you can manually ReUp in My Account Where can I get the BlackBerry Desktop software? It can take anywhere from a few hours to several business days to move your existing mobile number to Total Wireless Totalwireless What if I am on the $40 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text & Data With 250MB at 4G Speeds plan and I change my plan to the $50 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text & 4G Data plan bundled with $10 Unlimited ILD? Do I still get the $5 of Recurring Credit? Option 2: Calling voicemail from a landline You may not be in a sufficient coverage area (2 or 3 bars in 3G or 4G is recommended) Is porting from other carriers possible? Sorry, you will not be able to send or receive voice calls on the Wireless Broadband Plan Call 1-877-878-7908 While we do not know your PIN code, please contact Customer Support at 877 Generic: lg Type destination phone number into ILD Rates Look Up Tool located at myTotal Wireless Totalwirelessmobile How can I setup automatic Totalwirelesss to keep my data active? For more information on Total Wireless Totalwireless Global plans please visit myTotal Wireless Totalwirelessmobile Tags: Phones, Supported, Approved, Unsupported, Unapproved What can I use the data for? The Apple iPads are the only tablets that require a micro SIM card One of the best things about Total Wireless Totalwireless is that we do not require a contract for our plan Total Wireless Totalwireless's Pay-As-You-Go rates are amazing compared to the competition! With rates under 2? per minute to Mexico, Canada, and the UK, our rates beat the competition senseless I am currently on another Wireless Broadband plan, can I switch my plan over right away? Where does Total Wireless Totalwireless offer 3G coverage? Your new 30 day billing cycle will start at the time of ReUp I just moved my existing mobile number to Total Wireless Totalwireless, and outgoing or incoming calls are not working If however, you experience connection issues with some internet connected Apps, follow these additional steps: However, International Long Distance balances carry forward to the following months until used or until 180 days of non-use You can email pictures to the other person's phone as well if you know their carrier messaging email address Yes, if your handset has a media player then you can side load media into the memory card by loading the content directly from a computer The Unlimited ILD offering is meant for those who do not need to call more than 10 unique numbers within the Unlimited landline cities and wireless destinations during a single rate plan cycle Drag and drop the music from the computer to this removable drive Option 3: Calling voicemail from a landline by dialing 1-805-MESSAGE To call voicemail from a landline by dialing 1-805-MESSAGE, perform the following steps: This will continue month to month What phones work on Total Wireless Totalwireless 3G? This is a setting change you will need to make on the phone itself For more information on Total Wireless Totalwireless ILD go HERE I upgraded to a new BlackBerry To get account info and usage via SMS: Tags: Plan, Data, Usage, Broadband, Internet Tags: No Contract, No Termination Fee To manage your account online: Total Wireless Totalwireless handsets are programmed automatically over the air If my account is deactivated because I didn't pay my bill, do I need to purchase a new SIM card to reactivate my account? Will I get 4G speeds with your service? To call voicemail from your mobile phone, perform the following steps: T-Mobile: phonenumber@tmomail Where does Total Wireless Totalwireless offer 4G coverage? You can reach Total Wireless Totalwireless tech support at: 877 Panasonic: http://www The $10 Pay-As-You-Go offering is for those who prefer to use their balance over a longer period (up to 180 days) of time and don't spend as much time talking internationally Tags: Voicemail mycricket Phone Programming: Click here to see programming instructions $25 Unlimited 15 Day Nationwide Talk & International Text U We are working to introduce those speeds to our customers across the country while continuing to expand our HSPA+ htc You can set up your BlackBerry to receive emails from up to 10 accounts as well as a custom one using a Total Wireless Totalwireless address The $10 Unlimited International Long Distance Plan can be added to the $40 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text & Data With 250MB at 4G Speeds plan or the $50 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text & 4G Data plan $40 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text & Data With 250MB at 4G Speeds + $10 Unlimited ILD BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 My MMS has never worked! Why is that? How does the Free $5 Recurring ILD Credit work? Do the Wireless Broadband Plans require a special SIM card? The data is much more convenient and will allow to access the Internet anywhere where you receive Total Wireless Totalwireless coverage How do I get BlackBerry Apps? What's wrong? For a list of locations, please visit our 4G page For a complete list of destinations available with the Unlimited International Long Distance Plan please visit http://www Three-way calling to two international parties is not supported However, there are so many devices and the needs of our users so varied, that we do not recommend one device over another To receive 3G/4G data speeds make sure it has the 1700/AWS band, else it will only work on EDGE Absolutely! If you already have an unlocked GSM phone all you have to do is check our approved handset list of over 180 models and we will set you up The price on the affiliate site is the correct price Can I switch my voice plan to a Wireless Broadband Plan or visa versa? Make sure you are currently on a plan that offers 3-way calling My tablet is not on your approved list, will it work? Total Wireless Totalwireless is required by law to collect (Federal, State, Local) taxes HTC: http://www When do plans expire? Tags: Unlimited International Long Distance, UILD, ILD, International Calling, Unlimited, Country List Your Total Wireless Totalwireless BlackBerry BIS account is tied to your SIM card Will I be able to send or receive picture messages with the Wireless Broadband Plan? What if I don't use the Free $5 Recurring ILD Credit? What activities work best on a 4G network? 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