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Express Online Bill Payment Portal Total Wireless Bill Payment Form Please fill out the form below to complete your Total Wireless Bill Payment online with Wireless Billing. Your bill payment will be applied directly to your Total Wireless cell phone number. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Total Wireless Customer Name * First Last Total Wireless Phone Number * ### - ### - #### Email * Please provide the E-Mail Address where we can send you a copy of your receipt. Top Up Payment * $25.00 Unlimited Talk, Text and Web (1 GB 4G LTE) $35.00 Unlimited Talk, Text and 5 GB of Data $60.00 Unlimited Talk, Text and 15 GB of Data (2 Lines) $85.00 Unlimited Talk, Text and 20 GB of Data (3 Lines) $100.00 Unlimited Talk, Text and 25 GB of Data (4 Lines) Please input the Total Wireless plan option for your top-up/bill payment. Family plan options will apply funds to all applicable lines attached to your family plan. Payment Type * One Time Payment Setup Automated Bill Payment for this Account


TOTAL WIRELESS is changing how consumers and businesses conduct their communication by providing cost saving cell phone plans that feature no contract, unlimited service for a flat rate fee. Total Wireless Refill provides outstanding wireless service for subscribers looking for the flexibility of no contract cell phone service with nationwide coverage on the nation’s most dependable network.


Total Wireless Login uses the largest nationwide network providing the most dependable service among the top four nationwide network providers. Total Wireless Login contract with the best network providers allow it to leverage the nationwide coverage of its carrier partner while providing plans that are suitable for nearly all consumers. Consumers can save up to 75% off their current cell phone bill by switching over.


You can pay for your bill payment online through this website. We make it easy to pay your cell phone bill online through the: “TOTAL WIRELESS EXPRESS BILL PAYMENT PORTAL�? which allows you to pay for your Total Wireless Refill cell phone bill payment in just a few short steps.


Total wireless phone compatibility is based on the network of the phone. Only CDMA phones are compatible with our service. Phone compatibility also is based on the phone status. The phone must be clear and cannot be attached to another service for you to be able to activate it on TotalWireless service.


If you currently do not have a cell phone to activate on TotalWireless service, you may purchase a smartphone. Phone’s pricing is based on the current promotions and availability depends on the time of the year. During the peak holiday season there may be a wait for you to receive your phone.


You can use an iPhone with service as long as it is compatible and it is CDMA or LTE device. iphone may also be purchased online or at the retail store based on the model. In most cases you can purchase even the latest iphone model at our retail stores. iPhone models includes: iphone 5, iphone 5s, iphone 5s, iphone se, iphone 6, iphone 6s, iphone 7, iphone 7s and iphone 8 which is also known as iphone x.


You can contact us through email, phone call, contact us form and by visiting a retail store in your local area. Number can change from area to area depending on the department that you would like to reach.


Plans are available in both single and family line formats. Single lines feature unlimited talk and text for $25 a month and $35 a month for unlimited talk, text and 5 GB of data. Family lines start at $60 and goes up to $100 for four lines with shared data. You can also purchase additional data for just $10 for 5GB of data which does not expire and rolls over from month to month.


totalwireless is one of the locations where service is carried. Walmart was the first provider of Total Wireless Refill service but now just recently has come available through select retailers nationwide through their indirect channel. This will provide a large amount of selection for customers to get Total Wireless My Account Login service nationwide.


Straight Talk and Total Wireless cards my account are direct competitors in the cell phone sector. They both feature a lot of the same features such as unlimited nationwide service with no contracts at affordable pricing. A huge benefit of Total Wireless Refill is that it is also available outside of Walmart locations making it more accessible for customers in areas where Walmart is not convenient. TW also features lower price options with prices starting at just $25 versus Straight Talk’s $35 plan. We also feature the best value in family plans, while Straight Talk does not offer any shared line options.


Reviews can be found all throughout the internet and most reviews are very favorable due to the great value. Customers have convenient methods of payment such as online through this website which is much loved by customers who find it inconvenient to pay at the store.


Our Customer Service has high rating through its online chat and over the phone support methods. There are many ways to get a hold of Customer Support regardless of the method of communication, We provide outstanding customer service.


The best part of our cell phone service is its network, which is supported by the largest most dependable network in the United States. Our network, you will have coverage where ever you go without having to worry about roaming. If you have a 3G compatible phone, and you are in an area with 3G coverage cell phone prepaid cards, you will automatically connect to the 3G network To send a text message to a destination outside of the US that does not use 10-digit dialing, you will need to include a "+" symbol, the designated country code, operator code and the cell phone number of the recipient If you use instant messaging, occasional music and video streaming, social networking, web browsing, and email then you'll want the $25 plan If a customer would like to place international calls they can purchase an ILD PIN that will allow for international dialing All customers upgrading to one of our $50 high Speed plans or one of our UILD Bundled plans receive either a $5 recurring credit or a one time $5 ILD total Credit To send International Text Messages to destinations outside of the US that use 10-digit dialing, simply enter the 10-digit phone number of the message recipient as you would when sending a domestic text message BlackBerry Desktop is software for your PC or Mac which will allow you to side load music, picture and applications, as well as update the operating system software on your device through a USB tethered connection I want to move my existing mobile number to Cell Phone Service, but I'm being told it's "not eligible" or "Not Valid for Porting" Cell Phone Service's Pay-As-You-Go rates are amazing compared to the competition! With rates under 2? per minute to Mexico, Canada, and the UK, our rates beat the competition senseless After the end of the rate plan cycle, the numbers will be reset to choose another 10 numbers from your prepaid cards for the following 30-day period The $10 Unlimited International Long Distance Plan can be added to the $40 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text & refill With 250MB at 4G Speeds plan or the $50 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text & 4G refill cell phone number Absolutely! Not only can our customers' text message any other phone with text messaging in the US, they can also send a text messages to over 180 different countries worldwide Absolutely! If you already have an unlocked GSM phone all you have to do is check our approved handset list of over 180 models and we will set you up You will not be able to switch your voice plan to a cell phone plan or from a cell phone coverage plan to a voice plan You will need to have your current carrier's account number, password, and billing information to transfer an existing number All new customers who activate on our $25 15-Day Plan phone cards & the $40 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text & refill With 250MB at 4G Speeds plan, receive a one-time $5 ILD credit, good for 30 days (only good for 15 days on the $25 plan) On your device, go to Email Settings (log into your BIS account if it is requested) then press your BlackBerry menu button and select "Service Books" from the menu What if I am on the $40 plan and I change my plan to the $50 Unlimited BlackBerry Nationwide Talk, International Text & 4G refill? Do I still get the $5 ILD Credit? For a complete list of destinations available with the Pay-As-You-Go International Long Distance Plan please visit new site: If your internet is not working after you've paid your bill you will need to restart your device in order for it to re-register to the network A 4G network can be up to 10 times faster than 3G allowing you to browse the web, download songs, and stream video more quickly While all BlackBerries are capable of connecting to a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) environment, with an appropriate refill plan; Cell payment Service only offers the BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) refill plan for consumers Perform the following steps: (Press and hold the 1 key or dial 1-805-MESSAGE from your mobile refill and follow the prompts to listen to your messages and for initial setup) Yes, in many cases you can move your landline refill number to Cell card Service, however the process may take from several days up to two weeks to complete bill cards BlackBerry Service Books are the programming information files that connect your BlackBerry to the BIS and give you access to web, email, calendar, BBM, MMS etc To reset your voicemail, simply type #PWD# or # 793# SEND (last 4 digits of your mobile number will be the default password) This $5 ILD credit is available for Pay-As-You-Go and is offered as a one-time credit on a customer's first month of service With the Unlimited ILD plan you can make unlimited calls to 10 unique numbers (the first 10 unique numbers dialed) within the Unlimited landline cities and cellular destinations for the duration of the voice plan cycle For a complete list of destinations available with the Pay-As-You-Go International Long Distance Plan please visit You can set up your BlackBerry to receive emails from up to 10 accounts as well as a custom one using a Cell login Service address www totalwireless com Whatever you like! Some of the popular features being used on tablets are: instant messaging, streaming music and video, web browsing, social networking, video chat, and much more! Yes, unlimited SMS texting to people in more than 380 countries outside the USA is included in your Cell myaccount Service rate plan at no extra charge It is a proprietary network run by RIM (Research in Motion) which gives the user access, among other things, to push email, web browsing, the popular BlackBerry Messenger service and the BlackBerry App World Customers that update their rate plan to a $50 plan bundled with $10 UILD total prepaid will receive an additional $5 of recurring credit wwwtotalwirelesscom with new site Yes, if your handset has a media player then you can side load media into the memory card by loading the content directly from a computer Try checking your cared's Web/MMS settings and make sure that there is only one APN setting listed and it is the Cell login Service one However, International Long Distance balances carry forward to the following months until used or until 180 days of non-use payment to reup or recharge your service online. You can use your entire allotment of data on your current plan and then upgrade to a different plan once it is used up to make sure you use all the data in your current plan When the 11th number is called, you will be notified that you have reached your limit and will be directed to add funds using the Pay-As-You-Go option Your cell refill service plan will expire when your metered data is used up or at the end of the 30 day cycle, which ever happens first prepaid cards also known as topup cards. All Cell card Service rate plans have International Calling (from the USA) enabled, and when you activate your my total prepaid account with Cell totalwireles Service you will be granted a $ 5 What if I am on the $40 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text & Data With 250MB at 4G Speeds plan and I change my plan to the $50 Unlimited BlackBerry Nationwide Talk, International Text & 4G Data (with no $10 Unlimited ILD bundle)? Do I still get the $5 of credit? totalwireless com is the old site no longer available. 3G is best for viewing websites, uploading files (photos, attachments, presentations) to sharing websites, and downloading files from an e-mail or a website If the balance remains at $0 for more than 90 days, the mobile number will be deactivated and the customer will lose their mobile number Using one of today's 3G-capable devices in an area with 3G coverage, you'll notice faster Web browsing and content downloads Sometimes when you move your number to Cell refill Service, outgoing call service will be activated before incoming call service or vice versa refill cards or top up cards. When contacting Customer Support to move your landline, please have a copy of your billing statement ready as we will need your billing information EXACTLY as it appears on the statement Any customer that activates on either the $50 Unlimited Nationwide Talk, International Text & 4G Data plan or the $50 Unlimited BlackBerry Nationwide Talk, International Text & 4G Data plan will receive a $5 Recurring Credit for Pay-as-you-Go ILD use your refill cards at the store or online. to pay online for your cell totalwireles service. Our network offers moderate-speed data service, and many of the applications on our 3G phone cards will work well on 2G or 3G, including: E-mail, instant messaging, and texting; downloading ringtones, wallpaper, and light data files; and sending photographs via e-mail or picture messaging us to pay for your cell phone cards service online to recharge or top up service. The Unlimited ILD offering is meant for those who do not need to call more than 10 unique numbers within the Unlimited landline cities and cellular destinations during a single rate plan cycle Total Wireless Site Total Wireless Cards Total Wireless Payment Total Wireless Refill Total Wireless Topup TotalWireless Total Wireless Account

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